Thursday, December 17, 2015

About This Site

Deaths - Pike County, Mississippi - April 1929 - October 1933 (Also April 1934)
As reported to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jackson, Mississippi

The names/death dates on this site were originally printed in the McComb City Enterprise newspaper
between 1929 and 1934. The lists were usually printed monthly, but I was unable to find a list for every month. Months not included are:

July 1929; September 1929; June 1930; July 1930; September 1930; March 1933;
July 1933 – Black; November 1933 through March, 1934

This site contains names of people who died in Pike County, Mississippi. Please note that if a Pike County resident died outside the county, his/her name will probably NOT be on this list.

I have copied the names and death dates as carefully as possible from the microfilm, but I am only human and mistakes in copying are possible. In addition, there are most likely errors that were made by the newspaper itself. I have made my best attempt to copy the names and dates as they appeared in the newspaper. Any notes I have personally made will be in italics. If there is a ? or – in place of the name or date, that means one was not printed or it was illegible.

It is my hope that this site will be useful to researchers. Please try to verify any information you would like to use. 

You may contact me for obituary lookups; however, please keep in mind that not everyone had an obituary or death notice in the paper. I will gladly check, though!